The 10 Best Live Concerts of the Past 20 Years Ranked

The 10 Best Live Concerts of the Past 20 Years Ranked

The live concerts always get a lot of attention as they provide a great source of entertainment to the audience. And every year thousands of people come to be a part of the live concerts but there are only a few concerts that became popular in the history. The live concerts are not a new tradition but they have been around for more than a century.

However, the live concerts have become the greatest attraction for the tourists. And there are many visitors that just go to a country to attend their favorite concert. Austin is not a very popular city in the world but you’d be shocked to hear that more than 3 bands are organizing the live concerts in Austin tonight. So, you can understand that how popular the live concerts have become nowadays. Let’s take a look at the 10 best live concerts of the past 20 years.

1.     Prince ‘Purple Rain’ Tour

This live concert became extremely popular in 1998 when the people went crazy and the entire location was heavily crowded with the fans of Prince.

2.     Pearl Jam American Tour

Another popular tour that broke all the records in 1998. The crowd was excited to see the Pearl Jam performing on the stage. And it was an outstanding experience that everybody enjoyed.

3.     Concert at Royal Festival Hall

The concert was organized in February 2004 and it was one of the greatest performances of Brian Wilson that was highly appreciated by the audience.

4.     Daft Punk Alive Tour

The electronic-dance live performances added a unique touch to this concert and that is why it became very popular. The concert was organized in a really unique way that everybody loved.

5.     Leonard Cohen World Tour

Cohen Started this tour as a financial rescue mission and it ended up successfully. He had many issues that he had to resolve, therefore, he decided to go on a tour.

6.     25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll

The concert was organized in October 2009 and it managed to receive a lot of appreciation from the audience and it finally became one of the best concerts in the history.

7.     Concert at Madison Square Garden

The concert was organized in April 20011 and the presence of James Murphy played an important role in making it a success.

8.     Watch The Throne

The concert became popular due to the incredible performance of Kanye West and Jay Z.

9.     ‘On With The Show’ Tour

Different popular singers participated in this concert and made it a successful tour. And it became one of the most popular concerts in the history.

10.Beyoncé Formation Tour

This concert organized in 2016 and nobody could stop it from becoming popular because the gorgeous and the most popular rap star of the present century was invited to this concert. Here are some other popular concerts of the past 20 years.…