Sam Oliver
Director | Producer

For more than 10 years, Sam's filmmaking has taken him around the world seeking compelling stories that inspire social change.  An accomplished filmmaker dedicated to bringing important issues to the screen, Sam has produced a body of work across three continents with strong social themes that motivate as much as they entertain.  Under the Influen$e is Sam’s debut feature-length project - a journey he and co-director, Terry, have been on for over three years.

Terry Bennett
Director | Writer

Self-taught filmmaker, Terry, has 15 years of experience filming political events, live musical performances and music videos.  Since the 1960s, he has been a citizen journalist and a close observer of the evolution of politics in America.  This project sees Terry merge his two passions - filmmaking and politics - into a documentary he has been producing for a decade.

Jennifer Cusentino

Jennifer is a producer with 20+ years of wide-ranging experience from talent management to distribution - working with such titles as MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING.  As EP at Green Planet Productions, her credits included Co-Producing THE BIG FIX, winning numerous international awards and premiered at Cannes as an Official Selection and Executive Producing the award-winning film FREEDOM.  As ED of the I’ll Be The One Organization, she collaborated on the educational version of the award winning film FUEL along with producing its educational curriculum.  Jennifer is currently also producing, THE PRICE, telling the story of the coming sixth mass extinction and VANISHING SAIL with Executive Producer Charles Hambleton.

James E. Malloy III

James is an established & award winning professional photographer, marketing strategist, producer’s rep and producer.  He photographed such acts as, The Ramones, The Beastie Boys, STP and Fishbone.  James transitioned into feature film production with camera work on Gregg Araki’s, DOOM GENERATION, Graeme King’s, PING and Ludi Boeken’s, BRITNEY BABY ONE MORE TIME, to name a few.  He was one of the grass root marketers responsible for the box office success of MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING and oversaw the authentic sustainable/green sponsorship/tie-ins for Gaiam’s, LOHAS, conference.  He is the Secretary & Treasurer of the Paparazzi Reform Initiative, successfully passing many laws protecting California citizens from the predatory practices of the paparazzi.

Claire Humphrey

Claire is an extraordinary networker and producer of ongoing independent creative projects and documentaries in the Los Angeles area.  She has orchestrated major fundraisers, assisted in countless start up businesses and is always excited to be part of any positive change in the world.  Claire pairs a lifetime of experience as a seasoned world traveler and inspiring entrepreneur with an inborn passion to connect powerful people to noteworthy causes.

Catherine McClenahan
Associate Producer

Catherine is an actor, singer, filmmaker, environmental activist and philanthropist.  For the past 20 years she has been a champion of critical social and environmental issues that face our civilization around the world.  Taking a stand to bring awareness and results to these issues, she’s successfully raised thousands of dollars through fundraising events & benefits.  As a co-producer of a number of documentary, TV and theatre projects, UNDER THE INFLUEN$E offers her the perfect intersection of where her activism, talents, networking and fundraising will precipitate change.

Amy Alcini
Political Director

Amy is a Political Strategist and Activist who recently campaigned and fundraised successfully for 2 US Congressional House of Representatives candidates in the 2014 election cycle. Her resolute hunger to become engaged in our US political process has led her to becoming an active members of both - an organization whose primary aim is to create the political will to end poverty around the world, and (MOVI), an organization who’s main objective is to create a 28th Amendment to our US Constitution, limiting the political influence of moneyed multinational corporations while restoring political power back into the hands of we the people. She consistently volunteers as a citizen’s lobbyist in Washington DC to effect these changes and promote specific bills aimed at fostering humanitarian values over unethical multinational corporate business practices, profits and special interests.

As a retired professional athlete, having earned 20 USTA National Tennis Titles, and 2 USTA/ITF World Team Titles representing The USA, her laser focus and determination serves her well in piloting positive change through seemingly rough political waters. Amy is dedicated to social change, for the betterment and protection of all sentient life, with a specific focus on restoring America’s power back into the hands of it’s people.

Tina Imahara
Supervising Editor

With 20 years of experience, Tina has edited over 60 short & feature films, including the compelling documentary, ON TIP TOE, which won the prestigious International Documentary Association (IDA) Award and was honored with Academy Award and Emmy Award nominations. She was also the Lead Editor of award winning films such as FUEL and THE BIG FIX – the international award winning and Cannes Official Selection. Tina also edited HARMONY, a documentary feature film and NBC Prime Time Special in collaboration with HRH The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) addressing climate change and innovative solutions to the global environmental crisis. She is currently editing a feature documentary in collaboration with Academy Award Winning Screenwriter, Chris McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie, Jack Reacher), on the life of legendary Screenwriter, Stewart Stern, of “Rebel Without A Cause” as well as editing, co-directing & co-writing THE REALITY OF TRUTH, a documentary featuring Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Ram Dass, David Lynch and other notables.

Michael Blake Meeker
Music Supervisor

Michael is the founder and creative director for the innovative entertainment company and social enterprise, Gratitude Entertainment, which recently launched with the critically acclaimed documentary, FED UP, winning the Sundance Film Festival Official Selection 2014.  Michael has combined his 15 + years of experience in the music and entertainment business with his passion for humanitarianism and believes in the power of combining both mediums to bring positive change to the world.  Prior to Gratitude Ent., Michael held the role of music supervisor for film and TV.  His films have won numerous awards including the prestigious Sundance Film Festival Audience Choice Award for FUEL and the Emmy nominated and Peabody winner, BHUTTO.  Before his role as a music supervisor, Michael held an international marketing position and an A&R administration position at Interscope, Geffen, A&M and Virgin Records respectively.  Prior to his work at the record labels Michael was a national touring musician sharing the stage with Southern California acts like Sublime, Fishbone and No Doubt.

Dave Hagen

Dave is a well rounded filmmaker, having worked for the last 10 years as a writer, director, and producer. He co-wrote the transformational spiritual doc DISCOVER THE GIFT, and most recently co-directed the hard hitting political expose, PROSECUTION OF AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT, based on the New York Times bestseller by Vincent Bugliosi. His passion for emotional storytelling makes him a perfect addition to the Influence team. He loves films that have an impact!

Mikhail Zadvornyy
Creative Director / Multimedia Specialist

Mikhail has over 18 years experience as an Art Director, executing marketing initiatives and UX techniques in a wide array of high profile & profitable commercial projects. His experience includes Art Directing website flash components for Universal and Fox Studios and also for the following award-winning TV series: X-Files, American Idol, and Arrested Development.
He has successfully branded more than 10 newspapers and magazines around the world and was the Editor-In-Chief of a leading consumer-oriented premium-class, Russian magazine called THE MILLION-STYLE. Mikhail is vividly imaginative, and unstoppable in his concepts - balanced with a reality-based, and proof-of-concept driven intellect in his approach, creating a winning formula that is a powerful asset to our team.

Linsey Pecikonis
Communications Director

Linsey Pecikonis has worked as a communications professional for the progressive movement and documentary industry for over a decade. Linsey consults for All-In Productions. Prior, Linsey was at Brave New Films, where she served as the communications director supporting its slate of progressive and investigative documentaries. While at BNF, Linsey focused on expanding awareness of international human rights, reforming the criminal justice system, addressing the needs of the homeless, and supporting undocumented youth. Prior to that, Linsey served as Communications Director for both Democracy for America and Equality Maryland where she worked to elect pro-equality Democrats and advance LGBT rights throughout legislatures across the country. She has consulted on a number of progressive issues ranging from immigration reform, repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and passing fair wages in communities across the nation.

Kelsey Murphy
Production Coordinator

Kelsey is a recent graduate from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She gradated on the Dean’s list with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in English.  In addition to working with Under the Influen$e, she is also the Student Programs Manager at The American Pavilion, helping over 200 students navigate their way through Cannes Film Festival. Prior to that, she was a Production Assistant at Brave New Films and worked tirelessly for the War Costs campaign and their most recent documentary, Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars (2013). She has been working with Under the Influen$e since January and is incredibly excited to be involved in such an amazing project.

Help Under the Influen$e inspire the American People to become active participants in their democracy, by creating an ongoing solutions-based dialogue, together with Business Leaders, about the most serious challenges, and opportunities, the world has ever faced!